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Why self-storage facilities?

There are more than 54,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S. generating over $35 billion in annual revenue.

Market Growth

The self-storage sector has recently seen tremendous growth and continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the US economy.

Low Operational Costs

Self-storage properties are inexpensive to build and easier to operate and maintain compared to other types of commercial real estate.

Rent Growth

Self-storage tenants are generally not sensitive to periodic rent increases. Operators can increase rents while still maintaining a high occupancy.


Self-storage facilities tend to be more resistant to economic downturns than other real asset classes due to stable demand, steady income, low operating costs, and flexible leases.

Gain access to this sought-after asset class through the innovative StorageTrader platform.

Traditional self-storage investing


  • Finding investment opportunities is incredibly time consuming.

  • The due diligence process can be tedious and requires knowledge and expertise that the average person may not have.

  • Attaining a bank loan can be a very lengthy process with limited flexibility.

  • Purchasing a facility with traditional financing requires a large down payment, which is a significant burden to investors who want to diversify across several facilities or pursue other investments.

  • Managing a self-storage facility requires dealing with a wide range of operational challenges, including maintenance, repairs, security, customer service, and marketing. These tasks can be laborious and require a high level of attention to detail.


  • Investment opportunities listed on the platform are available for immediate investment.

  • The offerings available for investment on the StorageTrader platform have been fully evaluated by a team of investment professionals.

  • Investments minimums as low as $10,000 allow investors to easily diversify their investments across several facilities.

  • Personal credit and debt-to-income ratio are unaffected.

  • Support is available from StorageTrader for the life of your investment.

  • Self-storage facilities are managed by tenured facility owners who are capable of handling all operational issues, making the investment truly passive for investors.

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